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Ecuadorian alpaca mini plaid native blanket | Mini Quilotoa - Blue

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Smaller than our all-time best-selling Native Plaid, the Mini Plaid is still a cozy blanket, perfect for guests on the go. The perfect wrap blanket and picnic blanket Made in Ecuador with 70% Alpaca and 20% Cotton, this blanket has a rich, vibrant color palette that is sure to bring life to your room or living room sofa.

The perfect accessory for any occasion, our Picnic Blankets are perfect as gifts or to add a fun and warm aesthetic to your home. Made in Ecuador, they are alpaca woollen plaids that add a simple yet stylish aesthetic to any decor style.

Filled with warmth and softness, Mini Native Plaid provides an aesthetic appeal to any room or outdoor setting. These blankets are lightweight and easy to transport. The perfect size for picnics, beach days, camping and more!

Our Picnic Blanket is made in Ecuador of an exclusive blend of alpaca, cotton and acrylic. It's the perfect blanket for any time of year. It is also perfect as a throw on the sofa or to wrap around you while reading, or enjoying a cozy afternoon.

Our Signature Alpaca Woollen Mini Quilotoa Blue Blanket features a beautiful, earthy and blue color palette. This ultra cozy blanket is made with premium quality Alpaca, Cotton and Acrylic.

Other characteristics include: 

-Hypoallergenic and does not sting

-Water and dirt repellent

-Blanket size: 110 cm x 185 cm

-Lightweight with 0.1 cm of thickness. 

-Reversible blanket choose the side you like!

-Perfect gift. 

When you shop from Ecuafina you will get FairTrade, artisanally made, beautiful comfortable blanket. 

These Mini Blankets are very similar to our Large Native Plaids but they are smaller. Perfect for the spring weather and you need something lightweight to wrap up in.

Care Instructions


Airing the piece of clothing can be sufficient.

Hand wash it with a detergent that’s developed for wool.

Wash it without rubbing it.

Dry the wool lying flat.


Put your clothing piece in the washer.

Wring it when you’re done washing.

You can’t put it in the dryer and in any heat source

Shipping & Returns

Directly imported from Ecuador.

Free shipping in USA

  • All EcuaFina products are handmade by small Ecuadorian communities where the artisans do incredible work. They are purchased for a fair price and imported without an intermediary.