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Alpaca native blanket - Alpaca - Brown

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Alpaca native blanket Alpaca - Brown

Each native blanket has a special South American print with lots of color. At least they are not boring! Did you know that these blankets are named after different volcanoes in Ecuador?! And that you can use them on both sides? Perfect if you are tired of one side.

Materials & Size

The alpaca native blankets are made of 70% alpaca wool, 20% cotton & 10% acrylic.

The blanket is 195 cm wide and 235 cm long. 

This is the Alpaca native plaid brown, a super soft living plaid in natural tones. This brown blanket is online only available in brown. As you might expect, on this brown blanket shows alpacas. Fits very well with an interior full of natural tones. The blankets are produced in small numbers. Because of that, the color, print, size and composition may sometimes differ slightly. But in general, these differences are so small that there not noticeable.

Here are a few more benefits!

  • Softer than cashmere and warmer than sheep's wool.
  • Hypoallergenic and do not sting
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Reversible

Brown throw blanket

The material is strong, warm and soft! This keeps the blankets beautiful for a long time.

In addition to the Alpaca Brown, we also have many others motifs, such as the Cayambe, view the Cayambe dark green here!

Gift tip

If you want to spoil someone or yourself, an alpaca blanket is the perfect gift for all ages! We are satisfied when our customers are too. Are you not satisfied with the blanket or do you want to exchange it for a different color? Please contact us to choose the blanket that suits you best.

Care Instructions


Airing the piece of clothing can be sufficient.

Hand wash it with a detergent that’s developed for wool.

Wash it without rubbing it.

Dry the wool lying flat.


Put your clothing piece in the washer.

Wring it when you’re done washing.

You can’t put it in the dryer and in any heat source

Shipping & Returns

Directly imported from Ecuador.

Free shipping in USA

  • All EcuaFina products are handmade by small Ecuadorian communities where the artisans do incredible work. They are purchased for a fair price and imported without an intermediary.