EcuaFina is a sustainable brand that supports education in Ecuador

EcuaFina is a sustainable brand that supports education in Ecuador

EcuaFina is committed to introducing the world to sustainable Ecuadorian products . One of its core values ​​is to actively contribute to the local community. That's why EcuaFina, along with its responsible tourism partner Rebecca Adventure Travel, joined students and teachers of Antonio de Ulloa school, in Puembo, to participate in a minga (collective work). 

Rebecca Braak, founder of EcuaFina and Rebecca Adventure Travel, is determined to contribute to the tourism industry by selling sustainable products while supporting educational projects. By volunteering on the minga , both teams effectively engage in the lives of 247 students, ages 5 to 15 years old, of Antonio de Ulloa school.

EcuaFina participated in a minga with a purpose 

Every September, a new school year starts in the Ecuadorian highlands. However, Antonio de Ulloa’s infrastructure needed to be restored before it opened its doors to its students, teachers, and authorities. Thus, EcuaFina and Rebecca Adventure Travel started a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise money to help the school.  

Thanks to the economic support of donors from around the world, both teams were able to organize a minga with the local community!  

Equipped with rollers, brushes, shovels, and brooms, EcuaFina and Rebecca Adventure Travel volunteers started working at 8:30 am. Divided in two groups, each team was in charge of either painting walls or cleaning the gardens. 

The first team painted the school entrance, the classrooms, and outside walls. On the other hand, the cleaning team took out weeds, prune, and threw out dry leaves. Afterwards, both teams shared a snack with the community. Finally, all the volunteers mopped the floors and cleaned the school. Consequently, the school was spotless for the 2022-2023 new school year! 

Did you know that mingas are an excellent way to work as a team? Mingas are very important for Ecuadorians, because you share your time and effort, while achieving a shared goal.  

Moreover, in Ecuador, schools are spaces that go beyond the academic design. In that sense, EcuaFina and Rebecca Adventure Travel teams shared a bonding experience with the community, while repurposing Antonio de Ulloa school as a place for social development. 

Can buyers support education when they buy sustainable products?

Responsible buyers who search for sustainable products can have an active role in the development of local communities. how? When you choose to buy a sustainable product from EcuaFina, you're supporting local artisan's lives, as well as education in Ecuador. EcuaFina leads sustainable practices that impact directly to local communities and the environment. 

Moreover, you can support EcuaFina and Rebecca Adventure Travel's crowdfunding campaign. Antonio de Ulloa's infrastructure still needs urgent renovation. The short-term goals EcuaFina and Rebecca Adventure Travel aim to achieve are: 

  1. Provision of technology, connectivity, and donation of school supplies. 
  2. Implement better infrastructure for kids. 
  3. Improvement and repair of school facilities. 
  4. Constructor and repowering of school facilities. 

When you buy beautiful Ecuadorian handmade products, you become an ally of a sustainable brand that supports education.  

Ana María- Maria Clara
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